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The American Florists' Exchange, Ltd dba Original Los Angeles Flower Market has a colorful history dating to around 1916. The organization was incorporated in January 1921 by European immigrants to America, many of whom were growing flowers on small plots of land in nearby communities like Artesia, San Pedro, Redondo Beach, Anaheim, etc. Their blooms were eagerly purchased by area florists, some of whom became well known for the niches they carved in the event, wedding, celebrity and corporate arenas. In some cases, their children and grandchildren continued their businesses and witnessed first-hand the changing marketplace and the maturing of the American Florists' Exchange, Ltd., dba Original Los Angeles Flower Market.Gandolfo 5 little girls orig

The tale of the Market's fascinating heritage, its memorable characters and its progression through life-changing events, wars, depression and recessions, the influence of advancing technology and its worldwide influence can be viewed in more detail at: Original Los Angeles Flower Market and in the souvenir pictorial history book:

Sending Flowers to America

ISBN 978-0-9798285-0-8

This is a 300-plus page hardbound book featuring hundreds of historical images and stories shared by descendants of the founders of the Market, along with customers, flower growers, wholesalers, florists and designers of years gone by. Published by the American Florists' Exchange in 2008. (Contact the Original Los Angeles Flower Market)

 The Bloomin' News

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In October 1949, the Southern California Floral Association, which encompassed both the Southern California Flower Market and the American Florists' Exchange dba Los Angeles Flower Market, published the first issue of The Bloomin' News. It was a multi-page weekly newsletter in green-and-black on white paper, and it was distributed throughout the two markets to customers and tenants, suppliers and others doing business in the floral industry. The publication gave the latest prices and availability of floral products, news about tenants and suppliers, events, celebrities visiting the markets, etc. It evolved over the years from a weekly to a bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly schedule. For a short time in the 1970s, it included a special section of news and announcements of the California State Floral Association. It remained a green, black and white newsletter until the early 2000s when full color printing became more economical. Going to full-color helped to transform the newsletter into a newsmagazine with increasing popularity. The Bloomin' News constitutes a valuable resource and a bond for readers in the Southern California floral industry. See the right column of our Home page for the current downloadable issue.

Copies of The Bloomin' News can be made available for floral classes and shows. Just contact the editor.

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